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LMVA members staff the Visitor Information Center (VIC) and handle sales of Adventure Passes, books, maps, and forest-related items, and answer questions.
Visitor Center

The VIC is open on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday and Sunday throughout the entire year.
In addition to wildlife displays, the Center contains information on the indigenous Kumeyaay people, rock and mining displays, and information on Fire Ecology.
People from all over the world have stopped in. 

A map in the VIC has pins stuck on the home countries of VIC visitors.  There is even a pin on Antarctica!  Whether engaging youngsters or adults, the VIC provides lots of opportunities to learn, share and interact with our Forest visitors. 
To speak with a volunteer during open hours, please call 619-473-8547.

Visitor Center Hosts

Visitor Center hosts are LMVA volunteers who can provide information about activities on the mountain.

They can sell maps - books -pins, visitor passes, issue disbursed camping passes.


Visitor Center Creatures

The Visitor Center creatures will not bite or scratch you no matter how close you get

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