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Laguna Mountain Volunteer Association

Trail Crew

LMVA volunteers; provide maintenance for the over 50 miles of trails in the Laguna Mountain Recreation Area.

The LMVA Trail Maintenance Crew maintains the  trail system in the Mount Laguna Recreation Area, making it safer and more enjoyable for hikers, mountain bikers, and travelers on horseback.

LMVA built the Big Laguna and Indian Creek trails, but we are currently in maintenance mode.


Maintenance consists of removing brush encroaching on the trail, tread maintenance, repairing erosion, and removing root balls and rocks.

The Trail Crew meets on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month (holidays excepted), starting out from the Roost headquarters.

Safety is the Number One priority for the Trail Crew, and we are proud that our safety record is outstanding.

Trail crew members wear safety gear including hard hats, sturdy and protective footwear, gloves, long-sleeve shirts and long pants.


All maintenance outings start with a brief safety refresher. The work site may involve long-distance hiking while lugging trail tools.


The dust and heat can be intense in the summer months, and it can be bitterly cold and windy in winter. Adequate advance preparation is key.

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